Music For Sprouts strives to nourish our children, families and communities by exploring and expressing our connection to nature and to each other through music and movement.

These classes are about exploration. There is no "right" way to take a class, so please feel free to enjoy and explore at your own pace. Some sprouts may be silent observers, while others might add their own spin to the activities. Also, your sprout's level of interaction may change from week to week. Any way you and your sprout need to take the class is exactly the right way. We will be incorporating music and rhythm into play; remember listening on it's own is very interactive!

We invite you (Grown Up Sprouts) to participate as much as you feel comfortable. Modeling movements, singing along and joining in the activities is a very tender and beautiful way to interact and explore with your sprout. Moving through the class together will be very rich and rewarding play.

Fall 2017 Registration OPENS TUESDAY, AUGUST 22nd at 10am! Sign up on our mailing list below to receive a reminder email!

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Fall 2017 Schedule
Week 1 - October 9-13
Week 2 - October 16-20
Week 3 - October 23-27
Week 4 – October 30-November 3
Week 5 - November 6-10
Week 6 - November 13-17
NO CLASSES - November 20-24 (Thanksgiving Break)
Week 7 - Nov. 27-Dec. 1
Week 8 - December 4-8

Fall 2017 Class Times
Class times and age groups subject to change depending on demand.

Classes are taught by Mister Chris or Mister Ethan and all classes will occasionally be co-taught by Chris and Ethan together!

Mondays 9am (0-3 years) - Chris
Mondays 10am (0-3 years) - Chris
Mondays 11am (0-5 years) - Chris

Tuesdays 9am (0-3 years) - Ethan
Tuesdays 10am (0-3 years) - Ethan
Tuesdays 11am (3-5 years) - Ethan

Wednesdays 9am (0-3 years) - Chris
Wednesdays 10am (0-3 years) - Chris
Wednesdays 11am (0-5 years) - Chris
Wednesdays 5:45pm (0-5 years) - Ethan

Thursdays 9am (0-3 years) - Ethan
Thursdays 10am (0-3 years) - Ethan

Fridays 9am (0-3 years) - Chris
Fridays 10am (0-3 years) - Chris
Fridays 11am (0-5 years) - Chris

Class Details
Classes run for 45 minutes each week
Tuition is $144 for an 8 week session ($100 for each additional sibling)
Siblings under 6 months can attend for FREE. You do not need to register siblings under 6 months but please email a note after registration just to let us know. Thank you!
Pick the day/time that works best for you and your family
Schedule Make up classes for up to 2 missed classes each session

Financial Assistance
It is our expressed goal that finances are not a barrier to your family's involvement. If you are unable to attend Music For Sprouts classes because tuition is unaffordable at this time please email Chris at mail@musicforsprouts.com We'll do our best to make it work for you. Thanks!

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