Yellow Banjo

from Fall
(American Traditional)

Ethan Tischler - Vocals
Chris Dorman - Vocals

Add "lulu" to first syllable of each underlined word and "lulu lulu" to first syllable of each word that ends the phrase. You'll get it...

I used to play my yellow banjo
and set it on my knee

but now the strings are broken
and it's no more use to me

I took it to banjo shop
to see what he could do

he said the strings are broken and
he charged me one and two

I thought I'd put some fresh ones on
to try some newer strings

I tied them tight and tuned it up
I tried them and it rings

so now I play my yellow banjo
all day and every night

it sings and hums just likebefore
it is my heart's delight

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