Monday Tuesday

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This is the first version of Monday Tuesday I recorded. You will notice the newest version on Always There is quite evolved. I suppose it is appropriate since Henry is now almost 8 years old!! READ BELOW!

The very first time I dropped my son off at any kind of school was a month before he turned three years old. Until then, we had spent nearly every morning together since he came to us! It was so, so hard to leave him there and drive away! I fretted all day and then when I finally got to pick him up again I squeezed him a million time over. When I felt I could actually pack him into his carseat and keep moving I started the car and we left together. It was then I heard him singing to himself int eh backseat. As I listened closely I realized he was singing the days of the week! The feeling that he could learn from and be influenced by people other than me washed over me in the most creative way. I took what could from his melody and wrote Monday Tuesday.

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