I'll Carry You

from Always There
This was written for my son while he was still in his mama's tummy! I was trying my best to imagine what it would be like to be a father of a newborn and then years later when I had a grown child going off on their own. Now, that my son is almost 8 I am starting to realize that unicorns and letting are a part of parenting every single day!
I can tell by the way you dance
you will run right towards a life filled with romance
and I want you to know that I love the thought
of you spinning through the tall grass
just to fall down safe and soft
in your dreams and they’ll hold you tight
but darling if you find that you’re not feeling right
I’ll be right here for you to run back to
you carry your burdens and I’ll carry you

There’s no end to a fathers love
though it may be hard to let you go I’ll try to act tough
and I can give you some tips to take
on your journey but know it’s your life to live
and your mistakes to make
and you’ll do fine no do not hesitate
to take hardship in your hands and turn struggle to fate
I can see your courage coming into view
And one day you’ll be wondering what to do
darling let that courage carry you
darling let that courage carry you

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