MARCH 25, 2015


It was nearly two years ago when I asked Burlington based musician, engineer, and producer Jared Slomoff to sit down for coffee. I told him I had an epic idea. Jared loves epic ideas.

He sat calmly at the edge of his seat in Muddy Waters as I explained a five album project that would change the world forever! And, I could tell right then he'd be the guy that could reign in my wide eyes and huge appetite for romance without sacrificing a bit of passion or integrity.

It started with pre-production - I threw dozens of songs and pieces of songs at Jared and he listened intently to each and every one and then again and then again and then we sat down and he gave me his feedback. Now, many times in this step and the steps to follow Jared would let me know that his opinion was that and only that and I could tell him that his ideas were ridiculous, off the mark, no good, and that would be that, for good. However, I have to say there was only one time I attempted such a retort and that will stay our memory. At least, until they make a documentary about Jared and his epic works and I let it slip...I digress. Jared's feedback was almost always an eye opening and incredibly fulfilling experience for me as a musician and as a human being.

I am sure all who worked on these projects with Jared would agree

Thank you, Jared! We did it!!



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