FEBRUARY 18, 2016


These classes are about exploration. There is no "right" way to take a class, so please feel free to enjoy and explore at your own pace. Some sprouts may be silent observers, while others might add their own spin to the activities. Also, your sprout's level of interaction may change from week to week. Any way you and your sprout need to take the class is exactly the right way. We will be incorporating music and rhythm into play; remember listening on it's own is very interactive!

We invite you (Grown Up Sprouts) to participate as much as you feel comfortable. Modeling movements, singing along and joining in the activities is a very tender and beautiful way to interact and explore with your sprout. Moving through the class together will be very rich and rewarding play, especially for the very young ones.

* The MFS classes will be held in the studio classroom at Elf. It is located on the North wall of the play room. You can bring your boots and coats into the room or leave them out in the main area.

* Classes are 45 minutes. We will usually have 5 minutes on each end for settling in and out of the space.

* If you are late, please do not stress. Just come in and find your way into the class at your pace. I will close the door to the studio, when class has started, but you are free to enter at any time.

* Please try to avoid bringing toys to class. The less distractions/options make it easier to connect.

* Nursing in class is welcome and encouraged. If you need a quiet space, there is a nursing silo right outside of the classroom.

* We will be sitting and playing together on the floor for these classes. This offers a very safe, interactive environment. Chairs are available, if needed.

* These classes will follow the public school snow day cancellation policy

Please feel free to contact mayerlewine@gmail.com with questions, comments or input.

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